Woodlawn Villas Koh Tao

Eco Friendly

At Woodlawn Villas we are committed to Sustainable Tourism and minimising our impact on the local environment. We implement many Eco Friendly practices and strive each year to implement more. There are always more opportunities to become even more green! Please see our current practices and we endeavor to contribute to this list even more in the future.

  • General policies to reduce water and energy consumption
  • Provide information to guests on how they can reduce their Environmental impact during their stay
  • Providing guest with reuseable canvas bags for shopping/beach (to avoid single use plastic bags)
  • Using recycled glass bottles for drinking water (avoiding single use plastic bottles.)
  • Guests rooms equipped with recycling bins
  • Bio degradable environmentally friendly rubbish bags
  • Windows and doors open for ventilation reducing need for air conditioning
  • Ceiling fans to reduce air conditioning consumption
  • All guests encourage to close windows and doors when operating air conditioning units
  • Maintenance system for cleaning air conditioning units to ensure energy efficiency
  • Guest room key cards to operate electrics
  • Low wattage & new environmentally efficient appliances eg Kettle, Hairdryer, Refrigerator & TV
  • Refrigertors set to optimium temperature in guest rooms
  • Timer operated resort lighting
  • Towel & sheet re use program
  • 100% cotton sheets & towels
  • Water saver toilets & shower heads
  • LED light bulbs
  • Non smoking rooms
  • Renewable Energy Solar Water Heaters
  • Grey water used for watering garden
  • Watering garden in morning or night time to avoid evaporation in the peak sunlight hours
  • Guests encouraged to turn off lights and air conditioning inside guest rooms with out electrical key card system
  • Tinted windows and doors to reduce sunlight in guest rooms, which reduces the need for air conditioning
  • All Lights & refrigerators in unoccupied guests rooms turned off
  • Rubbish collected, separated into categories for recycling & compost: cans, glass, plastics, food etc
  • Natural stone, grass roofs, bamboo incorporated into the building of the hotel